5 Tips on How to Get Better at Fortnite

Get better at Fortnite by following these free tips.

I once asked by my nephew if there is a way he can do better in playing Fortnite. I myself do not play this kind of game, so I do not know what to advise him. While asking for a more reliable answer, I downloaded the game and played for a while.

Guess what? I am enjoying it now!! And I finally had an answer to my niece’s question.

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Get Better at Fortnite

Tip #1. Take time to learn the basics.

Gamer nowadays wants an instant positive result including myself. I want everything to be done perfectly, as in without single flaw. So to do that, I need to rush things out to make a complete success. That’s a no no!

Playing games like fortnite requires a lot of time to be familiar with everything. Learning the basics of the game is also learning the fundamentals – and it takes time. If you are not familiar with the basics, how can you be better in a larger picture of the game?

The basics in Fortnite I am talking about are the map, the combats, your resources, your movement, and of course your goal.

Tip #2. Try to play on different devices.

The device you are using will have an impact on getting better on Fortnite. Try playing on your PC and mobile phone and see where can you play comfortably.

Sometimes, playing on a smaller screen will make you more accurate on your movements. While there are times that playing on a larger screen will give you a wide view of everything.

That again depends on the player. Never settle for one device (if you have any other). Try every device you have and decide which brings more success to you.

Tip # 3. Use headphones when playing.

Playing when your in cafe’ or when you have a noisy environment can distract you. Getting a better audio, you can pay attention to every sound.

There is also a chance you can get more resources like being near to golden chests.

Tip # 4. Have many resources as much as possible.

Imagine you’re in the middle of the battle and you run out of resources. You can’t build up a wall and make a defense or offense move because you have no item to do so. That will surely make you lose the game for sure.

Gather your resources as many as you can. Avoid running out of them.

Tip # 5. Patiently wait for your win.

While playing the game, there is no sure success especially if you are a beginner. It takes time to familiarize every movements and uses of the weapons. Do not frustrate with failures and mistakes.

Once you have your guns pointed to your enemy, do not shoot it right away. Try to be accurate in every move you make.

Last Words

Every Fortnite player knows how to win for sure. These tips are something you cannot learn if your goal is just to win every time. You should play with a mindset of a player – to win or to lose, there is a lesson to keep.

I am open for all your suggestions. If you are playing Fortnite, please commend down below any tip you have to give to some other players out there.